Founded in 2019, the Duke University Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is an interdisciplinary publication providing a forum for young scholars to contribute to academic conversations in philosophy, politics, and economics. The DJPPE Editorial Board is seeking well written, original scholarship to publish in our biannual publication. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit their work, such as research papers, theses, PhD summaries, articles, and literature reviews, for review. We welcome work previously written for classroom, though it is mandatory that all submissions be free of your university’s name.

Students from all academic backgrounds are encouraged to submit their works, as long as they are relevant to the aforementioned fields.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be delivered in Microsoft Word format and include a formal bibliography. Submissions should aim to be at least 20 pages in length (double-spaced), through there is no maximum number of pages that need be submitted. Those papers selected will go under an extensive peer review process, involving significant communication between the Editorial Board, Advisory Board, and author.

Review Process

All submissions are initially reviewed by the DJPPE Editorial Board. The Board will decide which pieces to refer on to relevant section teams. Authors of those works not selected for further review will be notified.
Submissions will be reviewed by the relevant section editors, who will compile a referee report, complete with recommendations for the author, and decide which Advisory Board members should review the work. Advisory Board member(s) will review each piece, making their own recommendations.
Upon return to the Editorial Board, final decisions regarding publication will be made.

Publishing Process

If a manuscript is accepted, continued edits will be made, and fact checks conducted. Authors are expected to be active in this process and receptive to the recommendations made.
Upon completion of the editing process, all final manuscripts will be organized into the journal for publication.

Submissions - Vol. I | Issue I
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